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Alleyne: Reifer can make a difference

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Alleyne: Reifer can make a difference

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Alleyne: Reifer can make a difference Sat, 10/17/2020 – 6:00am The residents of St. George North are being told that there is a wind of change blowing across Barbados and it is not too late to get “that voice” in the House of Assembly that is needed at this time.

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That’s the view of the former Second Vice President of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), Simon Alleyne. He was speaking during a spot meeting at Flat Rock, St. George on Thursday night.

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“It is not too late to get that voice in the Senate of Barbados to stand up and speak about the issues, whether it is the legalisation of marijuana, whether it is gay marriages, whether it is firearms – we need to have a voice and I am saying to you ladies and gentlemen that Floyd Reifer is that man who is willing to stand in the gap, who is willing to say I am willing to represent the people of St. George North, yes I am willing to stand up and be counted and even though the numbers may be against me, I am willing to serve, I am willing to make myself available to make a change in Barbados. I am saying to you that the wind of change is blowing in Barbados,” Alleyne told those within earshot

Alleyne made the point as he maintained that this country’s leaders must be held accountable to the people. He charged that too often they are saying what they like and doing what they like to the detriment of the society, particularly those in the lower and middle classes

“It is very important that our leaders are held accountable to us, but we are hearing a lot of talk about big words and we were given a challenge recently that if you want big works you have to deal with me… but you know what the biggest works are? You the constituents of St. George going on November 11 and voting for Floyd Reifer, that is the biggest work y’all guys can do for yourself,” he stated

He continued, “They are doing as they like, but I am saying to you this evening as you are hearing my voice, that Floyd Reifer is the man to make things better, to be your voice, to mobilise on your behalf, to agitate on your behalf and make a change for the better in St. George North.”

Alleyne told the constituents, to make that happen, the DLP needs their support and he urged them to vote for Reifer on November 11

“We can’t do it by ourselves and that’s why Floyd is out here working, that’s why we are working with him, because we believe in him and what he can offer and what he can do for you the constituents in St. George North. So stand with us November 11, stand with us and vote for your children, vote for your future, vote for improvement in the quality of life for yourself and your family by giving you support, by giving your X to no other than Floyd Reifer,” Alleyne stated