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Luxembourg's Bettel sees breakthrough at EU top jobs summit

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Luxembourg's Bettel sees breakthrough at EU top jobs summit

BRUSSELS, July 2 (Reuters) – Luxembourg’s liberal Prime Minister Xavier Bettel said he was convinced that there would be a breakthrough in talks among EU leaders on the bloc’s top jobs on Tuesday, saying he hoped for the largest consensus possible.

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Bettel said he hoped that the European Union largest political family, the Euorpean People Party (EPP), had had time to adjust their position in talks.

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“I hope that during the night they (the EPP) had a reboot and they are able to work together this morning,” Bettel said, arriving for a third day of meetings with EU counterparts.

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“We have to show that we able to decide what is going to happen in the next five years,” he added. “I’m sure we will have a breakthrough now. … We need the biggest consensus upstairs, with geographical and gender balance.” (Reporting by Alexandra Regida and Foo Yun Chee; Writing by Alissa de Carbonnel )