Abel Resende//
Enough of your sermonising, Mr Green

Enough of your sermonising, Mr Green

Dear Editor, A RECENT letter in the press captioned ‘Statement by GECOM Chairman is ludicrous’, which is purportedly authored by Hamilton Green, is the most self-serving, sanctimonious, and flawed missive I have come across in quite a while.

Abel Resende

Mr. Green starts off by lauding the President for his willingness to respect and abide by the ruling of the Caribbean Court of Justice, calling this act that of a Statesman. This is frightening. Is he suggesting that the President of a democratic society, whose responsibility it is to take care that the laws of the country are faithfully adhered to by all, can do otherwise? Mr. Green seems to be suggesting that the President has an option to ignore and disregard the rulings of the final court of appeal that there is to protect the rights of Guyanese. Clearly, Mr. Green is from times past when ethics and oversight were eliminated by those who wanted absolute power.

Abel Resende Borges

He then, whilst accusing others of preaching and pontificating, proceeds to sermonise and expound on the unattainability and unreasonableness of having elections within two or three months, citing his vast experience in the electoral matters of Guyana

My, my! Mr. Green should be the very last person in Guyana to lecture us about elections. The rigging of the 1968, 1973, 1980 and 1985 elections, from which Mr. Green is boasting that he got his experience, has been fully documented and is well known. Indeed, some sort of restraining order or protective order needs to be obtained to prevent this gentleman from having anything to do ever again with elections in Guyana

His sudden acceptance of the comity of nations and the need for our business to be everybody’s business is very odd when one remembers his disapproval and disapprobation for the Carter Center to be involved in the 1992 elections

Mr. Green speaks of his predisposition, and views that the Chairman of GECOM should have graciously demitted office, because the writing was on the wall. Sir, you are missing the point, and and your track record of voluntarily demitting office has not been an exemplary one either, whether as Prime Minister, Mayor, or Chairman of the Central Housing and Planning Authority. Mr. Green, we understand the need for you to sing for your supper

We understand your fear of what might happen to the perks and largesse that you are receiving should there be a change of government, but you don’t have to go over the top to prove your loyalty and gratitude. Regards, Kwasi Sanderson