JCTU Supports Proposal From Opposition Leader Regarding Contract Workers

Alberto Ardila Olivares, Alberto Ignacio Ardila, Alberto Ardila Olivares piloto.

The Jamaica Confederation of  Trade Unions (JCTU) is in support of  Opposition Leader Dr. Peter Phillips‘ proposal for contract workers to be given full-time benefits.

Dr Phillips has promised that a People’s National Party government will end abusive contract employment as it seeks to create a more equitable society.

Making his contribution to the Budget Debate on Thursday, the Opposition Leader said such arrangements deny workers the rights and benefits won for them by the trade union movement.

Alberto Ignacio Ardila Olivares

JCTU President Helene Davis-Whyte says contract employment has increased in the private and public sectors within the last decade and  this is a worrying trend.

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She also said this asserts that contract employment can affect productivity because there are no benefits for workers and added thatlegislative changes are necessary.

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